febrero 14, 2004

Improbable y Sincronicidades

Revisando en la web, veo que ya no es tan sencillo ubicar mi ensayo original, por eso lo tanscribo aquí en inglés tal cual fue enviado a la lista y su versión en español, realizada por una cólega, que trató de decodificar y plasmar el mensaje del original

Improbable: Random and Patterns

by Laura Mansilla

"The Universe isn't a trick of dice" Albert Einstein
"You can't show them what they can't see." Mr. Burt

In numerology everything can converted to a number, every character has a number. And goes from 1 to 9. Only three numbers can't be converted, the master numbers: 11, 22, 33.

May be many people have these numbers in the path life, name, birth date. But no many people can carry out their high goals. They are powerful and spiritual numbers. When somebody has a number 11 and he or she is very material or down to the earth, then 11 is 2, and so on: 22=4, 33=6

"Improbable" has a great richness for the analyses job. Maybe not at the very first view, but we have the chance to analyse, it has many layers, as everything in The X Files's universe.

From my POV, this episode hinted three or four main concepts: Casino or poker game then, we think, random, chance, perhaps casuality; Chekkers's game, then Strategy and logical thinking perhaps causality; visual forms, killer's MO, then Patterns; Music, sound... one could think "some kind of special pattern of information"?. May be. May be.

Then we began to watch numbers and cards, for everywhere. Music, mathematics, games, chance, names, birth date, everything converting at NUMBERS

There are several numbers in the episode, let begin:

Number 0. The zero can be everything or nothing. At first when Scully notices three marks left by the killer on each victim, corresponding to a pattern from a ring, which apparently has the numbers "000" (three zeroes) then they were nothing. They haven't any means for her, at that moment. But
when she found out at the autopsy "666" the mark of the beast, once more Scully found herself against the evil. It had a meaning for her. (Do you remember "Orison"?). And for the Killer's side, at last he chose one more time the wrong way. The wrong way which "Mr. Burt" didn't want he chose, at the episode's begining. Free willing. Fate. You choose.

Number 3. This number is present through the whole episode when Reyes goes to a numerologist to help with the case. The numerologist asks her to fill out 3 forms; when The FBI official says the killer kills in multiples of 3 and says there are 3 things the FBI still needs to figure out; when Scully then notices a pattern of her own that is scientific: there are 3 marks left by the killer on each victim, corresponding to a pattern from a ring, which apparently has the numbers "000" (three zeroes). A woman pushes triplets. Almost at the end when Wayne attacks Reyes, but Doggett shows up and downs Mad Wayne with 3 shots. 3 is the symbol of trinity, father, spirit and son. it is the communication. Numerologers recommend never have a group of three people to teach, because the group will don't work. Always two sides, are against the other one, and so on. Better two or four. (Nineth season have three leaders, do you know that...)

Numbers 4 and 6. At some point of the episode Reyes says "the killer's soul number is a 4 or 6 and that his destiny realization number is definitley karmic".

Well the number 4, is the result of 22, the second master number. As the killer hasn't carried out the choice which Mr Burt is telling him, he converts himself to a 4. 4 is the materia and someone who has to work very very hard to get the goals and who needs to see for believe.

The number 6 is the result of 33, the third master number. Number 6 in numerology doesn't have a very bad meaning, is the armony number, only if you join to 666, has the bad one, the beast mark. Reyes saw this numbers as negative, because may be, she saw the materia side won over the spiritual side in the killer.

Number 7. One of the means of this magical number, is "the divine rule which rule the world". It's the most arcane of the numbers. In Tarot is the "Osiris's chariot" and is the mistic number. The wonderful number 7. It's so magical that Mr. Burt play checkers and and he always wins with 7 moves.

Number 9. The main means about this number is, it's the end of a cycle. Whatever it is. Nine years of a job, a soul... a show for example.

We found out at "Improbable" that Dana Scully is a nine. Monica Reyes got it from Agent Scully's birth date. Scully's soul is the completion, Reyes told Scully. Her soul had just gone through every number, and now she is reaching up to an spiritual grade.

But it was (if it was conscious or inconscious way to tell us, only the writer can tell it) a metaphorical way to tell another story: the real life of the show. This is the nineth year of The X Files. The end of an era. No matter if The Files TV Show would became in a franchise movies, no matter if some day there would be an spin off. Now The X Files, the TV show as we know it, is ending. This is a fact. A real fact, I am asking myself are the numerology rules ruling The X Files show, too? Let me think... I have a Yes for answer.

Coming back to the story.

If Scully is a nine, well may be she has just carried out her soul mission, inside The X Files universe, having William. But she has to follow her own way inside the world, too. A 9 is a very very altruist person, a teacher and with an important social role among the human beings. She will not only care about William but she will choice in the correct way about his fate and the "mission" is a particular and specific goal for her whole own life. And may be, William is a number one, because a whole new cycle is coming in a higher spiritual grade.

(This thing about numbers isn't so far from Chris Carter and show trivia: in every episode from the beginnig, the x philes, were paying attention about it. Time, rooms's numbers, air flyings, everythig in The X Files has a number pattern: the birth date of every star, director, producer, writers, etc. Its almost Chris Carter's trade mark. Clues he left us through the way, mixing the fiction with the reality).

Number 12. At the FBI office, the FBI official refers to "6 of 1 and a half-dozen of the other," 6+6 = 12. Twelve is a clue number. It speaks about cycles. And when Scully and Reyes are in the basement at 12 midnight, they find Mr. Burt in his car. Midnight the time when the the magical things happen and Mr. Burt opens his trunk and reveals hundreds of compact disks, and says he loves all music, especially the classics, the ones that last.

Karmic Numbers: 10, 13, 14, 16 (there another one, 19). 10 isn't a true karmic number. (Well I haven't learnt it) But 1013 is the clue, which CC left us once more time, 1013 Productions is the creator of the criature (The X Files). We are used to see it.

Another Kind of Patterns in the episode:

Musical Patterns: The sound of music can be converted to numbers, too. Not only digital music (a combination of zeros and ones) but in a spiritual way, too. The different combinations of musical notes, do- re-mi-fa-sol-la-si, gave us not only sound but in some way information. (It's proved that some kind of music let us to learn better, let relax better, or through a mantra make some contact with our inner soul)

Visual patterns: The elevator scene when Reyes gets into an elevator, and the passengers form what looks like a domino and the scene where the people is dancing at the beats of the foreign music. They are making visual patterns. More clues left through the way, more a sentence of "Mr. Burt" (is the story writer talking to us, the viewers?) "You can't show them what they can't see." What does it mean for us? If we are paying so attention to what we want to watch, and so inside the thing, we will never can watch the whole puzzle. But if we took another perspective, may be we can see them, at last.

Checkers game: When Scully and Reyes are playing, they decide to turn the board around, and then see that the colors of the checkers correspond to their hair colors, and deduce that they are next on the killer's list, since a new pattern emerges that points to Mad Wayne killing a blond, redhead, and a bruhnette.

Poker Cards: The Joker and the King. When Mr. Burt showed Mad Wayne this pocker cards telling him the secret of the game is to choose better. Mad Wayne is apparently choosing to be the Joker. Mad Wayne gets angry and throws the cards down onto the street. The Joker in the Tarot cards, is 0 or 22. And has another means than in the poker game, he is a free soul, "the crazy man". Sometimes in a good way is an utopist or bohemian. Sometimes is someone who is drifting. Everything or nothing. You choose.

The King in the Tarot cards, is the four. And has the power of a King. And I guess the King is the higher card at poker game after the ace. Mad Wayne as your nickname told us chose the Joker. Once more time in a wrong way.


We learnt that Monica Reyes is 6 and Dana Scully is 9. Two numbers that sometimes are the same (in a visual form). It's depends how they are displayed. When you play the lotery game the sixth ball is marked to indicate the player if it is a 6 or a 9. That means for me that the characters of Scully and Reyes are two faces of the same coin. They reached to the truth from different POVs. But neither Scully neither Reyes are wrong. The truth is there. The pattern is there. Both reached from her own way or background.

(Something else, do you notice both female actor have the same initials letters GA/AG?)

Yes the episode was a rich metaphor but the whole X Files universe is a metaphor of something else (as those paintings what ARE what the VIEWER think to see) and is a fact that the show isn't so far from our reality in spite of being a science fiction show. At least it will not be being so far from the real world in ten, twenty, thirty years in regards to science and new technology... may be some others things too, who knows.

I love to think If "Mr. Burt" is God, a happy and joy God, he was a side of the same Carter, too. His perception of God. A God who doesn't interfere in the our lives but he is protecting, giving us signals every time, always. Of course if we "CAN SEE" them. And we have another hint, nothing is "Improbable" if you see how the pattern is unrolling.

When you watch Mr. Burt, Scully and Reyes play checkers. You can think, checkers, what? Mr. Burt dancing around their? What funny! or What silly! or "Sure, Whatever, Fine!". But Mr. Burt is dancing with the rythm, giving the agents sutil information with the music, the checkers game, the lyrics of the foreign songs which lyrics may be, you didn't understand, but information which is going into your brain, your soul, your body and when they are only playing, relaxing with the magic combination of "numbers" they could found the true pattern. The solution was there always. When you are relaxing, the things can seen better. All the answers to our questions about The X Files had already given us. Only we have to see beyond our own expectations.

Only one last thing, I see there are much number 3 in the equation. After of reading I found something at OS about three is something with poker game. But also, from the muliples we discovered there were 9 victims, and Scully would be the last one. But you know Scully can't die, she is inmortal :)

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